Tried and tested

Over the years indoor trials around the World have chopped and changed the sporting format, in truth with limited success or improvement and at the expense of confusing the paying fans. With more than twenty-five years of experience of competing and attending indoor events in numerous countries Dougie Lampkin has decided to return to the original tried and tested format for the first edition of his DL12 Indoor Trial.

Dougie explained his thoughts behind his decision: “Whilst sporting integrity is very important, indoor trials are meant to be a show and to be highly entertaining for the fans. Having a format that is so complicated that neither the riders nor fans can follow is not the answer. When I started riding indoors the format was simple. Eight riders in the heat riding the sections in a forward direction, with the best four going into the final. In the final the remaining riders attempt the sections in the reverse direction, and with the scores going back to zero, the winner is the rider who drops the least marks in the final. It’s that simple.”

Whilst the main event format will revert to tradition, fans can also expect a few new twists with the evening getting underway with the riders having to earn their starting position in the heat in a way that will ensure action and drama from the outset. From the arena floor up the DL12 Indoor Trial is being designed to deliver a Saturday night to remember.