Lampkin reveals his section line up

In just over a month’s time the best Trial riders on the planet will descend on the Utilita Arena – Sheffield for the first ever DL12 Indoor Trial that will be held on Saturday 7th January 2023. Inside the famous Yorkshire venue, the line-up of international competitors will find six new sections and two new races designed and built by Dougie Lampkin and his team.

Tasked with sourcing new materials and building new hazards from the ground up the former multi–World Champion has been working behind the scenes for several months to create a course that will test a field that will include no less than three current World Champions covering TrialGP, Trial2 and Trial3. 

Conscious of delivering a sustainable event, Lampkin has looked to locate the various elements of the sections and races from as close to the arena as possible in order to reduce the carbon footprint caused by longer distance transport. Plus, where possible has used recycled and repurposed ingredients. These key considerations are evident throughout the course starting from the first section that incorporates storm damaged trees from a local timber merchant. Where this would not be chopped to heat homes during winter Dougie has turned the trees into the aptly named ‘Fiery Wood’ opening hazard. 

Section two – ‘Pipe Dream’ is built from ‘damaged in transit’ concrete pipes that otherwise would have been crushed, whilst the third hazard of the night – ‘Steps + Stones’ is constructed from rocks that Lampkin has hand-picked from a local quarry and that will be returned post event to be repurposed into building materials. 

Hope Technology have invested in a custom-built section that reflects and celebrates their British made bicycle components. Whilst newly built, the ‘Disc Stopper’ will be used at several bicycle events and competitions over a three-year period making it a fully sustainable proposition. The monster tyres provided by a local Michelin distributor will be returned for their proper use on earth moving machinery after having been used to create the fifth section titled ‘Deep Tread’.

For the finale, a never been seen or attempted in the UK before, angled platform will be erected above the seating at the far end of the arena to accommodate the closing Honda ‘25 Degrees North’ section and the ‘Rings of Steel’ race – both using Yorkshire’s finest metals. Whilst the opening race utilises elements from the Red Bull ‘Trackdown’ course that was originally made for another type of event but has been revamped to test the best Trial riders who go to head-to-head on this part of the course.

So, the stage is set for a very different and challenging course inside the Sheffield based arena.

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