Home grown rocks

True to his pledge Dougie Lampkin has already been busy sourcing fresh materials to build the six new sections and two races that will fill the floor when his first ever DL12 Indoor Trial takes place on Saturday 7th January 2023 at the Utilita Arena Sheffield. Having previously assisted his late father and section maestro Martin, Dougie will use the experience gained from his dad to design and build a course that will put the supreme skills to the test of the likes of Toni Bou, Adam Raga and other soon to be revealed top riders.

Having identified and visited a quarry close to the arena, this has allowed Dougie to hand pick some suitably oversized Yorkshire slabs that can then be cut to size so he can construct the perfect hazard literally rock by rock. It is a similar story with the logs that will be used to build another one of the six sections, with Dougie having recently dropped in on a local timber merchant and trials rider so he could choose from a vast array of recently felled trees. These will be stripped, dried and prepared before being carefully placed on the arena floor on the day before the event.

Happy with the way that the section planning is coming together Dougie said: “Using raw materials sourced local to Sheffield will add an extra bit of Yorkshireness to the event and means that we have got total control over the rocks and logs that we will be using. Both sections have been designed to be very technical and will hopefully take marks off the riders, which is all part of the master plan.”

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